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Modern Humans

Modern humans, also referred to as Homo sapiens, are the species of humans alive today. Currently, they are distinguishable from extinct Homo species by their lack of brow ridges, higher brain-to-body weight ratio, shorter forearms and legs, their relatively small teeth, their complex language, and the ability to think abstractly and use symbolism.

Physical Characteristics

Modern humans are bipedal mammals that have short, broader torsos than other primates. They also have a larger brain than any other primate. Most modern humans have a forehead, which is a distinguishing feature from other Homo species.

Behavioral Characteristics

Modern humans are characterized by their ability to think abstractly, use complex language, and understand complex symbols. They also have the capacity for symbolic thinking, through which they can manipulate symbols to produce mental images. Modern humans are also characterized by their ability to create abstract forms of communication, such as art, music, and literature.

Social Characteristics

Modern humans have the capacity to live in large social groups and have developed a wide range of social networks and structures. They also have the capacity to give and receive culturally specific meanings to physical objects.

Notable Achievements

Modern humans have achieved a number of remarkable feats throughout their history. These include:

  • Art, Music, and Literature. Modern humans are capable of creating sophisticated art forms, musical pieces, and literature.
  • Invention and Technology. Modern humans have invented and developed a number of tools and technologies that have revolutionized the way we live today.
  • Organizations. Modern humans have the capacity to organize themselves into large social groups with complex social structures.
  • Science and Mathematics. Modern humans are capable of developing and understanding mathematical and scientific principles.
  • Exploration. Modern humans have explored the world and made remarkable discoveries.


Modern humans are remarkable beings that have accomplished a number of impressive achievements throughout their history. They are distinguished from earlier Homo species by their physical, behavioral, and social characteristics. They have a large brain, complex language, and symbolic thinking ability, which enable them to develop and understand complex scientific and mathematical principles. They are also capable of achieving a number of remarkable feats, including art, music, literature, technology, and exploration.

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