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Earth & Climate

Long-term Consequences of CO2 Emissions

The oxygen content in the oceans will continue to decrease for centuries even if all CO2 emissions would be stopped immediately, reports Nature Communications. 

Oil and Natural Gas Production Emit More Methane than Previously Thought

The Environmental Protection Agency is underestimating methane emissions from oil and gas production according to a new research published in Atmos. Chem. Phys.

Climate Impacts Drive East-West Divide in Forest Seed Production

Younger, smaller trees that comprise much of North America's eastern forests have increased their seed production under climate change, but older, larger trees that...

More Trees Do Not Always Create a Cooler Planet, Clark University Geographer Finds

Deforestation in the U.S. does not always cause planetary warming, instead, in some places, it actually cools the planet.

Climate Change: Erratic Weather Slows Down the Economy

If the temperature varies strongly from day to day, the economy grows less. Through these seemingly small variations, climate change may have strong effects on economic growth.

Soil Health Is as Important as Air and Water Quality

Experts from the UK and Ireland suggest microbiologists collaborate with farmers to enhance soil health in a new report from the Microbiology Society.

Climate Change Is Hurting Children’s Diets

Climate change referring to rising temperatures and changes in rainfall patterns contribute to malnutrition, reduced diet quality, and micro-nutrient deficiencies among children.

COVID-19: Biggest Impact on CO2 Emissions

Biggest CO2 drop, more extensive than the decline during the financial crisis of 2008, oil crisis of 1979, or World War II, was observed during the pandemic.


The practice of cutting down trees and clearing the land of forests on a massive scale is referred to as deforestation. It is one...

Trees Living Fast Die Young

Across almost all tree species, fast-growing trees have shorter lifespans—the greater the tree growth more significant will be carbon storage in forests in the long term.

Climate Crisis: Sea Level Rise at ‘Worst-case Scenario’ Rate

Scientists see rising sea level by 1.8cm due to ice sheet melting in Greenland and Antarctica as the worst case scenario forecasts for the future.

Sunlight Ultraviolet Radiation Is Negatively Correlated with the Incidence of Coronavirus

In the USA, scientists found a substantial correlation between the rise in sunlight UV-dose and the fall in prevalence of four common human coronaviruses.

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