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Earth & Climate

Amazon rainforest is losing its resilience and the rainforest now shows characteristic signs of approaching a tipping point.
Illegal gold mining in the Peruvian amazon turns pristine rainforests into heavily polluted mercury sinks--reports a new study.

Deforestation Increases Risk of Flooding in West African Coastal Cities

The frequency of thunderstorms in some fast-growing African coastal cities is linked to the impact of deforestation.

Himalayan Glaciers Melting at ‘Exceptional Rate’

The accelerating melting of the Himalayan glaciers threatens the water supply of millions of people in Asia, new research warns.

Frequent Wildfires Linked to Human-Caused Climate Change

Scientists show that climate change has been the leading cause of wildfires that destroyed a growing amount of land in the western U.S. over the past two decades.

Warming Climate is Causing Animals to “Shapeshift”

Some animals are developing larger beaks, legs, and ears as a result of climate change in order to better control their body temperatures as the earth gets hotter.

Is Plastic Pollution Nearing an Irreversible Tipping Point?

Plastic pollution is a global threat. Current rates of plastic emissions globally may trigger effects that we will not be able to reverse, argues a new study.

Climate Change May Cause Severe Drying of the Amazon Forest

Amazon rain forest is in danger from both deforestation and climate change, leaving the forests at a far higher risk of drought than previously thought.

New Flood Forecasting may Avoid Disaster in Japan

In Japan, a new flood forecasting system may provide early flood warnings, give people more time to prepare or evacuate, and potentially save lives.

Mining-related Deforestation in the Amazon

Researchers examined mining-related deforestation in Amazon area and found illegalizing mining operations had little impact on the ecosystem.

Global Warming Already Responsible for One in Three Heat-Related Deaths

Between 1991 and 2018, more than a third of all deaths in which heat played a role were attributable to human-induced global warming.

Which Animals Will Survive Climate Change?

Climate change is exacerbating habitat loss, pushing many animal species to the brink. Can scientists predict which animals will be able to survive?

Plant-life: New Study Reveals Extent of Human Impact

Scientists suggest that the changes in ecosystem's plant-life increased significantly following human settlement occurred in the last 1500 years.

Chernobyl Radiation: International Research Teams Explore Genetic Effects

Research shows Chernobyl incident caused genetic changes in the tumors of those, but no changes were observed while parents passed their genome to the children.

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