Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Time-Restricted Eating Changes Gene Expression

Timed caloric intake synchronizes circadian rhythms across several systems in mice by influencing numerous gene expressions, found researchers at Salk Institute Key Points: Time- restricted eating...

Scientists Find Why Long COVID-19 Patients Lose Smell

A team of researchers led by Duke University Medical Center revealed that the failure of some patients to recover their sense of smell following...

Common Food Colorings Can Cause IBD

According to Waliul Khan of McMaster University, long-term ingestion of the food color Allura Red may promote inflammatory bowel disorders (IBDs), Crohn's disease, and...

New Blood Tests for Alzheimer's Years Before Symptoms

A groundbreaking PNAS study from the University of Washington researchers suggests that a simple blood test might be able to identify people at risk...

Early Life Experiences Can Have Long-Lasting Impact on Genes

A new study on fruit flies led by UCL scientists demonstrates that early life events can have a lasting effect on the activity of...

Air Pollution Raises Chronic Disease Risk

A study involving almost 364,000 English citizens shows traffic-related air pollution raises the risk of several long-term physical and mental health disorders.

A Strong Coffee 30 min Before Exercising Increases Fat-burning

A strong coffee ingested half an hour before aerobic exercise, particularly in the afternoon, significantly increases the fat-burning rate.