Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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Caffeine Intake Improve Reactions to Moving Targets

New research shows that caffeine intake positively affects dynamic visual acuity and resolves fine details where a relative motion exists between the target and the observer.

Modern Humans Developed a More Effective Protection Against Oxidative Stress

The ancestral variant of glutathione reductase, a key enzyme that protects against oxidative stress, produces more reactive oxygen than the modern human variant does.

COVID-19 Vaccine Does Not Increase Risk of Preterm Birth

A new study that looked at 40,000 pregnant cases found that the Covid-19 vaccine does not increase the risk of preterm birth supporting the safety of the vaccination during pregnancy.

Babies Born During COVID-19 Pandemic Score Lower on a Developmental Screening Test

Babies born during the pandemic’s first year scored lower on a developmental screening test of social and motor skills at 6 months compared to babies born just before the pandemic.

Deforestation Increases Risk of Flooding in West African Coastal Cities

The frequency of thunderstorms in some fast-growing African coastal cities is linked to the impact of deforestation on the local climate, a new study reports.

Blueprint Reveals How Plants Build a Sugar Transport Lane

A tiny region at the root tip is responsible for the growth and development of the complex network of vascular tissue that transports sugars through plant roots.

A New Target for Universal Influenza Vaccines

Scientists identified a new site where a broad range of influenza vaccines can target, and antibody therapies should be able to prevent a broad set of strains.

Can Anthrax Offer a New Way to Silence Pain?

Anthrax toxin works to alter signaling in pain-sensing neurons and, when delivered in a targeted manner into neurons of the nervous system, offers relief to animals in distress.