Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Coffee Consumption Lowers Risk of Death

Coffee consumption, two to three cups of a day, is linked with a longer lifespan and lower risk of cardiovascular disease compared with avoiding coffee.

Monkeypox: Human-to-Human Transmission Outside Endemic Areas

Monkeypox, though less contagious than smallpox, direct human-to-human transfer via lesions and respiratory droplets is a big concern aside from airborne feasibility.

Bioengineering Increases Yields in Soy Crops by 33%

Bioengineers have genetically altered soy plants to increase the efficiency of photosynthesis, resulting in greater production of beans without losing quality.

Humble Leaders Can Help Make Groups More Effective

Leaders of teacher groups who were thought of as humble helped improve professionalism and collaboration among team members, new research has shown.

Women Live Longer with an Improved Diet

Women usually live longer than males but have a greater incidence of disease. A recent study from the University of Georgia reveals that a...

High-fat Diet Increases Waistline, Shrinks Brain

According to recent studies published in the journal Metabolic Brain Disease eating a high-fat diet may increase waistline and damage cognitive function.

Opioid Prescriptions Higher for Patients with Lifelong Disabilities

People with two pediatric-onset neurodevelopmental disorders are prescribed opioids at significantly higher rates than those without the conditions.

Molecule Boosts Fat Burning

A research team at the University of Bonn has identified a key molecule named inosine that is capable of burning fat.

Married People with Cancer Live Longer

The disease cancer evolves from gene mutations. However, convincing evidence supports the idea that marital union plays significant roles in cancer patients' survival.

Emergency Care Higher Among Cannabis Users

According to a recent study, cannabis users are 22% more likely to visit the emergency department and be hospitalized than non-users.

Human Evolution Skepticism Increases Prejudice and Racism

For centuries, human evolution and prejudice have been closely connected. Darwin’s theory of evolution suggested that humans are not only related through common descent,...

Satellite Data: Amazon Rainforest Is Losing Resilience

Amazon rainforest is losing its resilience and the rainforest now shows characteristic signs of approaching a tipping point.