Wednesday, December 6, 2023


Leaders of teacher groups who were thought of as humble helped improve professionalism and collaboration among team members, new research has shown.
Amazon rainforest is losing its resilience and the rainforest now shows characteristic signs of approaching a tipping point.

New Vaccine Ingredient Shows Promise

Scientists at LJI and MIT have found a possible way to improve the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines—and any vaccine.

Essential Amino Acids Could Keep Dementia at Bay

Amino LP7, a supplement made consisting of seven particular amino acids, was found by Japanese researchers to prevent the onset of dementia in experimental rats.

Warming Climate is Causing Animals to “Shapeshift”

Some animals are developing larger beaks, legs, and ears as a result of climate change in order to better control their body temperatures as the earth gets hotter.

Memory Loss in Mice—Scientists Reverse

Scientists reversed age-related memory loss in mice. The discovery could lead to the development of treatments to prevent memory loss in people as they age.

Gut Bacteria Linked to Enhanced Neurodevelopment in Boys

Boys with high gut bacteria Bacteroidetes at one year of age were found to have enhanced neurodevelopment cognition and language skills one year later.

Genes Shape Gut Microbiome—New Research

Lifestyle choices affect our gut health, but a new study shows that gene also plays a significant role in shaping the gut microbiome.

Stress Does Turn Hair Gray, and It’s Reversible

Hair greying, a sign of aging, is widely believed to be irreversible. A new study provides evidence showing psychological stress turns hair gray and the process of greying is, at least temporarily, reversible.

Red Meat Consumption Promotes DNA Damage, Mutation

Excessive red meat consumption causes genetic mutation increasing cancer-related mortality in patients with colorectal cancer, reports Cancer Discovery.

New Flood Forecasting may Avoid Disaster in Japan

In Japan, a new flood forecasting system may provide early flood warnings, give people more time to prepare or evacuate, and potentially save lives.

Antidepressant Helps Fight Cancer in Mice

Monoamine oxidase inhibitors, a class of drug commonly prescribed to treat depression might have another health benefit: helping the immune system attack cancer.

Men Who Avoid Domestic Task Earn More at Work

Married men who don't help out around the house, avoid domestic task tend to earn more at work than husbands who play a bigger role in home.

How to Boost Muscle Regeneration and Rebuild Tissue

In recent research, scientists unlocked ways to boost muscle regeneration in the experimental animal by activating the precursors of muscle cells.

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