Sunday, September 24, 2023

Food & Nutrition

Improve Blood Pressure Levels: Gut Bacteria and Flavonoid-rich Foods May Help

Flavonoid-rich foods, like berries, apples, and pears, positively affect blood pressure levels, and the association is linked with the gut microbiome.

Plant Foods Lower Heart Disease in Young and Older Women

Eating plant-based foods lowers heart disease at any age, according to two research studies published recently in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Blood Predict Life Expectancy

Omega-3 is known for lower cardiovascular disease, cancer, and memory loss. Now scientists know blood level of omega-3 could be a good predictor of mortality.

Fermented Food Improve Gut Health Lower Inflammation

Diet rich in fermented food maintain gut health and improve immune response at the molecular level—a new study from the Stanford School of Medicine revealed.

Western High-fat Diet Can Cause Chronic Pain

A high-fat Western diet can increase the risk of painful disorders commonly found in people with conditions like diabetes or obesity. However, some changes in the diet can reverse or reduce the suffering.

Red Meat Consumption Promotes DNA Damage, Mutation

Excessive red meat consumption causes genetic mutation increasing cancer-related mortality in patients with colorectal cancer, reports Cancer Discovery.

Heart Disease: Plant-based Dinner Reduce the Risk

Consumption of refined carbohydrates and animal protein increases the risk heart disease. However, eating a plant-based dinner reduces the risk by ten percent.

Espresso, or Decaf? Gene Drives the Desire

Coffee is beneficial but also linked with heart failure. A new study suggests cardiovascular genetic drives our desire for coffee: espresso, latte or decaf.

Study Strengthens Links Between Red Meat and Heart Disease

An observational study in nearly 20,000 individuals has found that greater intake of red meat and processed meat is associated with worse heart function.

Drinking a Strong Coffee Half an Hour Before Exercising Increases Fat-burning

A strong coffee ingested half an hour before aerobic exercise, particularly in the afternoon, significantly increases the fat-burning rate.

Supplement Prevents Strokes in Patients with Rare Genetic Disorder

CHOP Researchers found that a nutritional supplement may reduce the risk of fatal strokes and could be used to prevent formation of amyloid plaque deposits.

Vegan Diet Linked to Poorer Bone Health

A vegan diet is considered healthy, but 'Our scientific findings indicate that a vegan diet does affect bone health' says German Professor Dr. Andreas Hensel.

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